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Katarina Zaric

Painter and printmaker


I was born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia in June, 15. 1966. In 1990 I have finished my studies at Fine Arts Academy in Belgrade, ( printmakers department) in class of professor Emir Dragulj, and i in the same year was admitted to the masters degree studies. In the 1993. I have finished masters degree program and I was addmited for assistent at Fine Arts Academy. In 1999. I became an assosiate professor.


Art activities:

Since 1988, I show my prints, drawings and paintings in Yugoslavia and  abroad, in more than 60  exhibitions.

In 1990. I worked with guests of our academy, Lori Christmastree and Garner Tullis, from  USA at «Open printmakers studio Show», in organization of National museum of Yugoslavia.

Several domestic exhibitions.


Few domestic exhibitions.

Small graphic form, Lodz, polland.

Small graphics form, Galerie Gamlebyen, Fredrikstad, Norway.


Print biennial, Galerie, gamlebyen, Fredrikstad, Norway.


First print biennial, mastriht , Holland.


Domestic exhibitions.


Domestic exhibitions.


Exhibition of professors works in Norway.

Print biennial, Biella, Italy.

Miniature 8, print exhibition, Norway.


Academys professors exhibition in Thessaloniki, Grece.


Print biennial, Biella, Italy.

Print exhibition in Kanagava, Japan.

Print exhibition in Kremona, Italy.

Print Exhibition in Gamlebyen, Fredrikstad, Norway.


Print exhibition in Este, Italy.

Project Printline, in organization of Lower east side print workshop, New York.

Print biennial, Ourense, Spain.


A fair of Art, Schoenecken, Germany.

Print exhibition, Biella, Italy.


Print exhibition, Milano, Italy.

Small graphic forms, Lodz, polland.

Print exhibition, Kanagava, Japan.


International exhibition of ex libris, French cultural center in Belgrade

Untill now, I got several domestic awards for printmaking, made eight one man show exhibitions in Yugoslavia and one in Germany.


During my life I traveled all around western Europe, but wisiting Holland affected my work wery strong. It was multiple influence. Past, saved in museums, paintings of Vermeer, Rembrant with his etchings, Van Gog, landscapes of Van Ostade, and steel alive motives of Villiam Klez Hede, in combination vith unusual light of presence assured me that searching of world of reality is one of my most important tasks and devotions. Even from the early childhood, I feel wery strong wish to recognize and somehove preserve feelengs made by waching the real world, especialy the light in confrontation with the dark sequences. Ever changeing lingh trought the different objects of reality. The light object interplay. It was, and steel is my great wish to make observer of my work feels the same fealing I have during printing , drawing or painting. My idea is to make a kind of ¨trigger¨, using techniques and magic of classical painting, printmaking and drawing. I belive in mastership and exselence. Idea and mastership are of equal importance for me.

My prints are old fashoned etchings, aquatint and sometimes with mezzotint parts, on 100% cotton, 300 grams solid Hahnemühle (German paper for printmaking).

Paintings are on solid, usualy wery old wood, with oil colors, framed in hand made frames, with inserted litle sculptures, reliefs, gemes and cameas of diferent kind of stones. (little sculptures are made by myself, of course.) Drawings are at high quality paper , painted by watercolors, tempera, and acrylics. They are best sold items and often in private collections right now I have only one, but hope to make some soon.


Numerous institutions in Yugoslavia and in the world have my works.

National Museum in Belgrade, Yugoslavia.

Museum of contemporary art, Yugoslavia.

Museum of Biennial, Biella, Italy.

Collection of prints In Este, Italy.

Collection of prints, Cremona, Itally.

National library of Milano, Italy.

Franch cultural Center, Belgrade, Yugoslavia.

Collection of small graphic form, Lodz, Polland.

Collection of prints in Canagava, Japan.

Print collection of «The Printmakers Colective»

Clinical centre of Serbia in Belgrade

Fine Art Academy, Dept. Of Visual Research, Belgrade

Radio Belgrade

Artoteke Dogan, Schönecken,Germany

University Medical centre Erasmus, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

University Medical centre Utrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands

My Pictures

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